Forever, that would be lovely.

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"You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time."

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"i promise that someday
i’ll buy you a place
where you can say “what a nice view”
and i’ll agree
while looking straight at you"

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Fuck yeah


Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Appreciation Post

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German Shepherds and their little floppy ears. There is nothing I do not like about this.

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Tomorrow the Trailer Arrives! #FiftyShades

On a scale of cuddles to rough sex i need everything on the fucking scale.

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How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you

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Why do people drink alcohol it tastes disgusting

you don’t drink it for the taste. u drink shit like apple juice for the taste. you drink alcohol to get rid of the bad taste that every awful person in your life has left

ok Charles bukowski

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